Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Progress Update

Refreshing the Visualized blog with a late introduction to the Year 2014!

Since the last project post - a direct focus towards Industry was geared towards obtaining a position as a Digital Sculptor, time became minimal and certainly distracted from any project updates!

Recently the L1-FE vehicle design has made a number of appearances - the first being held at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix in support for VACC and two feature articles making it to the cover of and

- Have a visit of the current feature article: 

These have been well appreciated forms of exposure - which prompted me to put together some fresh renderings that would hopefully encourage and influence the viewers. 

In standard tradition, I will leave you with the following to view!

Feel free to appreciate the project on my Behance Folio.

Monday, 2 September 2013

HT2000GT-R (Visualization)

It has been awhile since my last post - so hopefully this makes up for the lack of blog updates! 

So since the last update I have managed to block in some solid hours in Alias, which has been great - allowing me to finish off the CAD model and then get stuck into some nice renderings. There are still a few grey areas in the model that I'll alter at a later date; otherwise i'm rather pleased with the surfacing and overall presence of the model, it has a nice attitude to the appearance - which has a strong connection to the original vehicle.

I'll leave you with the following to view!

A project inspired by the surface treatment applied to the older generation of vehicles.

The objective of this project was to 3d sculpt the 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R, formally known as KPGC10 (HT2000GT-R).

3d CAD sculpted using Autodesk Alias
Rendered in Keyshot

This is also posted on my Behance folio - feel free to have a browse, appreciate and leave a comment!

Thank you for following & the interest.
Stay tuned for the next project! 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

HT2000GT-R (Progress 02)

Further progress has been conducted on the Nissan HT2000GT-R Alias model. Sculpting of the body-side covers details such as glasshouse surround, pillars, rubber seals, window seperator (this model had a little front window that opened up next to the A-pillar), door handle, door lock, fuel cap including surround and the trusty side indicator.

This has also been posted on my Behance folio - feel free to have a browse.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

VACC Automotive Design Awards

June 20th
A great night to be remembered after a such a long journey. This year VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) ran their automotive design awards night, where secondary and tertiary students are encouraged to enter into the annual design competition. The competition covers three categories (Design, Model & Essay), each entrants work is critiqued and judged by exclusive members of the Automotive Design industry, this year's judging panel included chief designers from GM, Toyota & Ford.  

This year I submitted the L1-FE vehicle design in 'Model' category. To my surprise, I was awarded the winner for tertiary model category! 

An overwhelming response was received - including having the L1-FE presented within the Herald Sun newspaper (a great sight to see when flicking through the paper). 

VACC Automotive Design Award

L1-FE Presented on the Herald Sun Newspaper 

L1-FE vehicle design - VACC model submission.

Feel free to checkout my Behance folio ( ) the L1-FE design project is almost published on the site - I will also continually update with recent and past work projects.

Stay tuned!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Front Sculpting

Once again this project had to be placed on hold! 

I have found it rather difficult to find spare time to continue this project due to the large work-load over the last few months; Though I managed to sledge in some hours over the last week, which has been great! 

I managed to do some sculpting on the front of the model, blocking the majority of the details in and making sure all of the surfaces were reading coherently - I'm most impressed with the headlight details that came out, a detail that really made the model more realistic. The next step is to focus on the glasshouse and tail-end. 

Keep following - While I'm trying to free up some time towards my own projects now.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Early Stages



It has definitely been some time since I've last updated the blog.

Spare time is now a thing in the past, there is never enough hours in a day. So I managed to sneak in a few hours for some Alias modelling over the last week, after leaving the skyline project on hold for the past two months I figured an update on the project was well overdue!

The overall form is taking shape, feature lines and highlights were of high priority - next step is to complete the front and rear of the body, then hone in on the windows and detail surrounds.

Updates will now be back to the regular weekly pattern!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Website Release

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on the website for those that are interested in the services and work that I do. Feel free to have a browse and get in touch.

Work towards the Project HT2000GT-R will resume shortly, so stay tuned for the updates!