Wednesday, 10 July 2013

VACC Automotive Design Awards

June 20th
A great night to be remembered after a such a long journey. This year VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) ran their automotive design awards night, where secondary and tertiary students are encouraged to enter into the annual design competition. The competition covers three categories (Design, Model & Essay), each entrants work is critiqued and judged by exclusive members of the Automotive Design industry, this year's judging panel included chief designers from GM, Toyota & Ford.  

This year I submitted the L1-FE vehicle design in 'Model' category. To my surprise, I was awarded the winner for tertiary model category! 

An overwhelming response was received - including having the L1-FE presented within the Herald Sun newspaper (a great sight to see when flicking through the paper). 

VACC Automotive Design Award

L1-FE Presented on the Herald Sun Newspaper 

L1-FE vehicle design - VACC model submission.

Feel free to checkout my Behance folio ( ) the L1-FE design project is almost published on the site - I will also continually update with recent and past work projects.

Stay tuned!